Benefits of membership
Business people chatting at a conference

Membership is valuable

I've always considered my membership a great investment. It's not just the opportunities to connect and learn - or how iMIS has allowed my voice to be heard - but it's the little things too, like being in the National Membership Achievement Program. With iMIS, we can make a difference for each other.

 Alex Morgan, Vice President, Versaton Global

Which type of membership is right for you?

Regular Membership

Industry Operations — Regular members are individuals directly engaged in grain handling, feed, milling and processing industry operations.

Associate Membership

Industry Suppliers — Individuals representing businesses or organizations that supply equipment, products or services to the grain handling, feed, milling and processing industries are Associate members.

Affiliate Membership

Government or Academia — Affiliate members represent a governmental body or academic institution. (Or an individual who does not otherwise qualify for Regular, Associate or Student membership.)

Student Membership

If you are enrolled as a full-time student at an academic institution, you qualify for a Student membership. Student Members are actively pursuing post-secondary, undergraduate degrees associated with the grain, feed, milling and processing industry.

GEAPS Student membership is COMPLIMENTARY to all students who apply as part of our investment in the future of the grain handling industry.

Memberships are granted for the duration of a student’s schooling as well as their first year in the professional world.