Webinar: Unraveling the Mystery, "Why They Keep Doing That."

As leaders it is crucial to prioritize the well being and success of our teams. Despite our best intentions, unforeseen challenges can arise. This webinar aims to empower participants with a comprehensive understanding of behavior and equip them with proactive engagement techniques and tools to disrupt workers’ thinking.


By embracing the principles of influence, attendees can learn how to engage their workforce proactively. This includes taking control of exposures that have the potential to lead to serious injuries or fatalities. Through this webinar, participants will learn effective strategies to foster a culture of safety where behaviors that pose risks are identified and promptly addressed. By utilizing focused tools and proactive engagement, leaders at all levels can significantly impact safety performance and ensure the wellbeing of their teams.


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Shannon Overland

Principal Consultant, DEKRA

As a principal consultant with DEKRA, Shannon Overland delivers expert leadership and management consulting services to a diverse group of leading national and multinational corporations. Through her work, she has been intimately involved in increasing productivity, improving bottom line results and enhancing client competitiveness through the delivery of best in class training and coaching programs. 


For 30 years, Overland has partnered with major clients in the forest, manufacturing, transportation, utility and oil and gas sectors to deliver services in leadership development, organizational change, executive coaching and the development and implementation of safety management systems.


Corey Hopkins

Principal Consultant, DEKRA

A principal consultant with DEKRA, Corey Hopkins has more than 23 years’ experience in nearly every aspect of EH&S and is passionate about creating a proactive safety culture. His primary focus areas are culture assessment and improvement, safety strategic planning and behavioral safety. He is also an OSHA Outreach Trainer for General Industry.


His strong beliefs in the effectiveness of proactive safety cultures has shaped Hopkins’ career and allowed him to improve the culture of all the companies he has worked with. Hopkins is active in the Ag Coop Safety Directors of Iowa organization and served on the National Grain & Feed Association’s Safety, Health and Environmental Quality Committee.

12/6/2023 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Central Standard Time

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